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San Antonio Texas Martial Arts for Kids and Adults
Peace Keeper Martial Arts & Karate San Antonio, Texas

"Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God." Matthew 5:9

Welcome to Peace Keeper Martial Arts & Karate San Antonio, Texas, where you will find a professional, comfortable dojo that focuses on the positive benefits of martial arts. We believe in providing you with an enriching atmosphere where the finest martial arts instruction is combined with facilities designed to encourage quick learning. Our classes are filled with good times, exciting action and a unique sense of adventure. At Peace Keeper Martial Arts & Karate, our emphasis is on YOU and the wonderful experience we are certain you will have!

Experience the World of Martial Arts and Self-Defense

For the absolute best programs in martial arts, visit us at Peace Keeper Martial Arts & Karate San Antonio. We will focus not only on developing martial arts skills and self-defense techniques, but also on making sure every man, woman and child reaches their peak physical and mental fitness levels. Our classes are well-rounded to cover everything you need to succeed. We will teach you life enriching skills you can use everyday to improve your life as well as the self-defense moves you will hopefully never need but will feel safer knowing you have should the need ever arise.

We Believe Your Success Begins with YOU

Here at Peace Keeper Martial Arts & Karate San Antonio we feel that the place to start building your skills and honing your craft is inside YOU. We will assist you in reaching your goals by beginning each class with stretching exercises and a general workout with aerobic and anaerobic stages. We then focus on real-world self-defense, learning practical skills while always maintaining an atmosphere of fun! But our programs are also flexible to allow you to work around any scheduling issues you might have. In addition to our general lessons, we also offer specialty classes such as workshops on how to not be the victim of a bully.

Our Staff Will Make Your Experience One of a Kind

One of our biggest assets here at Peace Keeper Martial Arts & Karate San Antonio is the wonderful staff we have in-house. Our instructors have all been professionally trained to deliver our curriculum in the most efficient easy to understand style possible. All staff members practice courteousness, patience, self-discipline, respect and integrity. They use these traits to lead by example while giving lessons at the school. Our students find that our classes improve their self-esteem and leave them with the desire to continue adding to their knowledge. We help you develop a strong sense of dedication and purpose that will help you in facing the challenges of school, work and life in general. Now is the time to make the decision that will change your life by joining us at Peace Keeper Martial Arts & Karate San Antonio.

It All Comes Down to Wanting a Better Life

Everyday we make choices and, though we may not always realize it, those choices affect our life and the lives of our family. Why not make the right decision today to make life better for you and your family by beginning your training in martial arts with the fine staff here at Peace Keeper Martial Arts & Karate San Antonio. No matter what your ultimate goal, we can help you achieve it! Want to earn a black belt? We can get you there! Want to get in great physical or mental shape? No problem! Maybe you just want to give your child an advantage in life? Sign up today! Give us a call right now at 210-520-5812 and we will get you enrolled in our Free Trial Program so that you can see what we mean when we say Peace Keeper Martial Arts & Karate San Antonio is right for you. You have nothing to lose, so start winning today!

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